Name: Tonya

Age: 31

Location: Shivering in Wisconsin

What I Write About: You’ll find me writing about family and friends more than anything… except maybe my general whining. Ross is my husband and mentioned often. Mom also makes many appearances. My sister Angel and my nieces Mackenzie and Nevaeh will also pop up frequently. I also discuss my cats, Pandora and Selune, and my dog, Gypsy. And knitting, of course.

What I Do: I am an Interior Design student.

Who I Am: I am a vegetarian transitioning to vegan and Paganish with Buddhist tendencies (however you want to label it).

Hobbies: Knitting is one of my favorite hobbies. I also enjoy playing computer and Wii games. When I wander outdoors I like to bike, hike, play tennis and volleyball, and garden.


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